At PiCubed we are passionate about project management and about sharing our knowledge and experience with everybody in the “business change” community.


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With over 60 years between us in the project management industry, we have lots to share.  Here you will find links to our blogs, Success Stories shared, project management models and tools and publications. We run workshops, online and face to face.  These are all focused on specialist areas in project management – designed to bring about deeper knowledge and understanding of how to apply project practices.

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    • The hourglass
      Of all the contributors to project success, the one overwhelming factor is ‘clarity’: Clarity about what the project is to achieve; clarity about what success l
    • The change diamond
      Directed or managed change is the way organisations translate their deliberate strategies into reality.  For most organisations the vehicle used to initiate and
    • Purposeful communication
      From our interviews with project managers, and the stories they tell us, we have identified six generic communication purposes. The ‘six-whys’ are discussed in
    • Defining project scope
      Scope is the sum total of all the work required for the project. Objective – A single statement describing the project’s completion state in business outcome la
    • The M-model
      Portfolio, programme and project governance Maintaining, focus and control, implementing policy and giving direction are the principle purposes of any change go
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    Stakeholder management

    extended-smIf stakeholders matter, then they must make a difference to the way we plan, structure, communicate, and execute business decisions.

    PiCubed has prepared a series of workshops... [... Read more]

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